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Bridging the gap between patients and healthcare professionals using IT.

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Partnered with renowned healthcare companies, Quarks Technosoft is committed to providing the most trusted and managed Healthcare and Wellness services. We strive toward automating the internal procedures of our partner companies by leveraging technical innovation, handling medical information proficiently, and improving the customer experience.

Our scalable software solutions endeavor to create a robust healthcare ecosystem by adhering to standard regulatory compliance and by rationalizing communication among doctors, patients, pharmaceutical dealers, medical insurance corporations, and health device wholesalers. We take immense pride in working in the healthcare industry for close to a decade and developing affordable care solutions that improve efficiency, reduce process complexities, and empower healthcare professionals with actionable insights.

What we do?


Patient Engagement Software

Enhance patient satisfaction and improve profit margins with tailor-made patient engagement applications as per your requirements. Our solutions aim to bridge the gap between patients and doctors at-home care, reduce the number of hospitalizations and keep an eye on more patients with much ease.


Hospital Management System

Quarks Technosoft helps medical practitioners with custom-made healthcare management solutions to efficiently handle medical data to make their daily operations easier. Our development team has proficiently developed data-driven solutions to extract inputs from laboratory and clinical reports to come up with a precise diagnosis.


Patient Portal

Our team of expert developers creates web and mobile-based patient portals that not just make things easier for doctors but also for their patients. These applications provide easy access to patients about their health-related details while doctors can handle patient records, schedule appointments, and give personalized care.


Custom EHR/EMR Solutions

As a custom healthcare software development company, Quarks Technosoft develops sophisticated EHR/EMR solutions that can also work perfectly with other patient-related applications.

Featured Success Stories

Improve patient outcomes and maximize productivity of caregivers

The client is a US based renowned provider of intelligent business communication apps and infrastructure for telecommunications and healthcare verticals. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with development and support offices spread across globe.

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A complete healthcare solution

The client is a 360-degree connected outpatient healthcare platform and a tech-enabled clinic chain aggregator that brings together all the healthcare needs of the patients onto a single platform. Its goal is to look towards transforming outpatient care by upgrading the standalone clinics and converting them into full-service health centers providing quality care.

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Support & Maintenance

The Client offers a cutting edge solution for Claims Automation. The platform combines the power of Policy Smart Contracts with AI and ML powered OCR engine and Award Winning real time Fraud Analytics Solution to enable Fast and Accurate Claim Decisions.

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