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We are living in a time where every sector and every industry looks at IT for a solution and the real estate industry is not different from others. It is continuously experiencing digital transformation at a good pace and hence we are here to help real estate businesses and startups to convert their existing complexities into productive solutions by providing advanced software solutions especially tailored to keep their business requirements in mind.

With our expertise and experience in working with leading real estate organizations, Quarks Technosoft provides consultancy services in terms of UI/UX design, development of custom software, and testing them to bridge the gap between the real estate sector and the latest available technologies.

What we do?


Custom Software Development

We are experts in developing the best real estate solutions to help your organization automate day-to-day tasks and streamline important business processes so your employees can concentrate on closing the deals while our application gathers crucial business information.


CRM Development

Working in real estate is quite complex in nature. Everything from lead generation and its allocation to deal closing and checking payment status, the process gets complicated at every step. Quarks Technosoft provides CRM development services, so the entire sales process gets hassle-free.


Listing Software

You can be a real estate developer or a small-time broker, but at some point in time, you all need listing software with search recommendations, property valuation, comparison engines, and an online auctioning platform. Well, you can rely on us to develop such classic listing software with much ease.


Business Intelligence Software

A lot of data is involved in real estate which can help real estate agents to make data-driven decisions. With BI software in place, this data can perform data modeling and help business owners to unearth the most profitable locations for investment.

Featured Success Stories

Auction Platform

The Client is India’s No 1 Property Site and has been adjudged as the most preferred site in India, by independent surveys. They provide a platform for buyers & sellers to locate properties of interest & source information on real estate that can be of use to all.

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