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We are a product development company specializing in creating custom software solutions. We help organisations untangle complex business problems that emerge during their digital evolution journey. We have a team of about 3000+ people spread across India (Pune, Bangalore, Noida and Jaipur), US, Singapore, Canada and Romania. Our aim is to digitally transform businesses using Information Technology.

Privacy Policy

Quarks Technosoft (“Quarks Technosoft”, “we,” “us,” “our”) understands how important privacy is for our customers, and we endeavour to be transparent about how we gather, use, reveal, transfer and collect your information. This Privacy Policy gives a summary of our information systems. The Privacy Policy refers to websites or online applications that apply to or link to the Privacy Policy.

Personal Information We Use and Collect

  • We may obtain personal information about users when they visit our website that includes their name, address, date of birth, email address, phone numbers, information used for personalization, and other information. Quarks Technosoft uses this information to offer better service to users so we can contact them in case of any problem arises.
  • We may request you to get personal data on other occasions, including when you utilize the services of Quarks Technosoft; when you fill surveys on Quarks Technosoft’s website; when you take participation in a blog or user forum hosted by Quarks Technosoft or any of our business companies. We may apply the information which you provide us to help you offer better services, to personalize your experience when you visit our website, and to guide you, provide purchase recommendations and for other objectives in line with this statement. We may also use this user information with third-party or parties’ data to serve our customers better.
  • We may use the personal information that you provide us through the Website to answer your questions, have effective communication and to give you best-in-class customer service. Once you have entered your personal data in the user form or information field that we have used on the website, we could use some technologies to permit that website to “remember” your personal preferences, like parts of the website that you simply visit more often and, if you select, your user ID.
  • We will gather, store and utilize your data as per the applicable laws. You may restrict the amount and the type of personal data that we get about you by deciding not to give us any personal data into the information fields on the Website. A part of our online services can be offered only when you give us an appropriate amount of your personal information. Some other sections of our Website may request you if you wish to opt-in or opt-out into our lists of contacts for promotions, offers, and other additional services that may be of your interest. If you opt to do so, we can use this data for our promotional and marketing purposes. For instance, with your consent and as per the applicable laws, we may use your provided email ID to send you news and newsletters, promotions, and special offers, and to reach you about information or products that we think could be of your interest. However, you will always have the option to unsubscribe from our newsletters or other services if you wish to.
  • Quarks Technosoft also carries out an analysis of its visitors’ interests, behaviour, and demographics which is based upon the data given to us in a place where the users visit our website or engage with us for giving any services. We usually do this activity to understand our users and serve them in a better way. The data collected during this research is accumulated and examined to prevent the identification of personal data linking to any one person. Quarks Technosoft may share this accumulated data with our subsidiaries or business partners. We strictly do not share this information with any unauthorised third party or entity.
  • In addition, our net server logs collect the domain names and other related information of the users visiting our website. This information is collected so that we can determine the number of visits, the average time a user spent on our website, the number of pages viewed and other website usage information. We may use this data to estimate the usage of our website; improve its content; and provide you with tailored advertisements. In any case, we do not collect information and use it in a form that may allow a direct connection with any of the personal data to our visitors.
  • Quarks Technosoft intends to collect as minimum information as possible that is needed to manage and fulfil your request or to complete other objectives for which we process your personal information. In case you believe our website has obtained excessive data about you, feel free to contact us to raise your concern.


As was stated on the home page, we use cookies on our website. Cookies are nothing but small text files that may get placed automatically on your computer or laptop, mobiles phones or other devices and get stored in it. The usage of cookies is now a standard process in most websites.

The first time you visit Quarks Technosoft’s website, we inform you about accepting cookies with the help of a notification banner popping on your screen. When you click the “Accept” button, you give us your consent to use cookies on your device. You can refuse or not accept cookies if you wish to. We want to tell you that cookies can be placed on your computer or laptop or any other device only if you give us your consent.

We use the following categories of cookies

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies are usually third-party cookies of the vendors or partners we work with or who operate with us to collect data about your use and visit our website. This collected data includes, for instance, the browsers or operating systems you are using, the name of the domain of the website you visited previously, the average duration you spend on our website, the count of your visits, and pages you viewed while visiting our website. Performance cookies don’t gather data that recognises a visitor. All data these cookies accumulate is kept anonymous and used to enhance the working of our website. The third-party vendors may use this data to better their services and offerings.

You can switch off all cookies options if in case, you do not prefer to accept them. You can also choose the settings where your computer or laptop can warn you when cookies are used in your device. For using any of the two options, you have to modify the settings in your browser (for instance Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer). Other than this, there are various software products available online that can handle cookies on your behalf.

Advertising and Social Media Cookies

Advertising and social media cookies are generally used to:

  • Present advertisements that are important to you and could be of your interests
  • Limit how many times you are presented with an advertisement
  • Assist us to estimate the success of an advertising campaign
  • Better understand visitors’ behaviour after they see an advertisement on the website.

These advertisements are normally placed on behalf of the third-party advertisers with the permission of the site operator. Advertising and social media cookies recognise that you have already visited this site. This may affect the messages and content you view on different websites you visit.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies permit a website to recognise the selections you perform. These cookies do not track your browsing actions on other websites you visit. They don’t collect any data about you that anyone can use for advertisements or remembering which websites you have visited on the internet.


Quarks Technosoft and some other third parties may also use another form of technology called beacons or pixels that are capable of communicating your information from the device you are using to a server. These beacons can be inserted in the online videos, emails, and content, and may support a server to read some sort of information through your device which may get to know when you have seen a specific content or an email message and ascertain the date and time during which you have seen the beacon and the IP address of the device you are using. Quarks Technosoft and some other third parties use beacons on their website for an array of reasons. These reasons include the analyses of our services’ usage and showing you content and advertisements that are important to you and of your interest.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

  • We thoroughly protect our website and servers against distribution, destruction, unauthorized access, loss, or modification of your personal information by any unauthorized persons by executing the proper organizational and technical measures.
  • As a policy, Quarks Technosoft protects all web pages that gather personal data; however, the confidentiality of personal data broadcasted over the Internet is not promised. As an organization, we urge you to be cautious when giving your data over the Internet. Quarks Technosoft is committed to maintaining the privacy of our website visitors and clients and shall use all the precautions to avoid data leakage related to our clients. However, we will not be responsible for any damage resulting from access or usage of your personal data by any unauthorised third party even after taking all precautions from our side.
  • We keep adequate organizational and technical measures for your privacy to guard your personally recognizable data.
  • We are not obligated to save your data for a duration that is beyond the dedicated motive for which the data was gathered.

Online Policy

Our Privacy Policy does not spread to anything which is integral for the working of the internet, and is, therefore, far from our control and is not to be employed in contrary to the governmental regulations or applicable laws. This privacy policy is only applicable to the data gathered on our website and not related to any sort of information collected offline.

Your Consent

By using our website, you give us your consent that you do agree to all the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy. In case, you are not satisfied with our Privacy Policy, request you to not give us any personal information and may leave our website.

Links To Other Websites

This Privacy Policy is applicable to our website only. Quarks Technosoft may also display links to other websites over the Internet, which we assume, can be of your interest. We will not be held responsible for the content displayed on such a website, the safety of your personal information which you furnish or any data stored by that website. The risk of using such websites and web pages is solely yours.

Right To Information

You have the right to information regarding your personal information which we collect along with the right to blocking, rectification and deleting your saved personal information for which you are free to contact us at:-
C-43, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Change In Policy

Quarks Technosoft holds the right to revise this Privacy Policy without giving prior notification to show legal, regulatory changes, technological advancements and business practices. If we revise our privacy methods, a new Privacy Policy will display those developments and the effective date of the updated Privacy Policy will be set out at the starting of the new or revised Privacy Policy.

Contact information

For any queries related to our privacy policy or the usage of your personal data or information, you can write us through email at

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