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We innovate, automate, and escalate using the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide disruptive web and mobile solutions to our clients. Offering top-notch services by creating secure, robust, and highly efficient digital applications complemented with impeccable user experience is our greatest strength and expertise.




Unizon is a fintech firm aimed to improve the current process of buying and selling unlisted/unquoted shares, ESOP shares, and Pre-IPO shares in the Private Market. Currently, the whole process is very cumbersome and time taking. Other than that, it is very difficult to find deals in unlisted shares. The online platform shall have a bouquet of unlisted share deals from shareholders. The Investors would be able to buy Unlisted shares to diversify their portfolios. Unizon also provides services for bulk deal closures, Valuations, Research reports, and other ancillary services to smoothen the process.



We are a team of young and fervent professionals building innovative and cutting-edge digital tools that help industries and organizations to boost their productivity manifolds. In a time when most companies are looking towards IT platforms to support them to perform better, our best-in-class digital solutions can assist your teams to get things done in an easy and simpler manner.



MailBomber is a horizontally scalable mailing infrastructure with custom analytics capable of sending more than 50 million emails in a day. Made with the state of art technology stack, the application allows you to run parallel campaigns with spam prevention and IP warming allowing you to target the right people at the right time.


Breezing Minds

Adding a resource is one of the most painstaking and tiresome yet crucial tasks for higher management. We have over 15 years of industry experience in early-stage nurturing and upskilling where we help you with the best team when it comes to team augmentation. We are fully aware of the technological trends as we are a part of this thriving industry for a long time now. We know what is the need of the hour and what skills will stay in demand in the upcoming years. Hence, our proficiency is to skill new talent for the current as well as for upcoming technological requirements.



AdviceFit is a user-friendly membership management platform aimed at digitizing the internal processes involved in the Health and Wellness Sector. Whether you own fitness or recreational centers or any membership-based organization, AdviceFit offers you an affordable and easy-to-use software application to fast-track your business.

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