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If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!

Implementing IoT Across Industries.

The digital world is evolving at a really fast pace, and to match up with the speed, it is imperative for businesses to use the latest available technologies, and one of them is IoT (Internet of Things). Be it a small business or a mid-size enterprise, It has impacted almost every industry and all of them are taking advantage to improve their product quality.

At Quarks, we partner with enterprises of all sizes to develop, manage, scale, and maintain their operations using our customized IoT development solutions. As experts in IoT App Development, we help you integrate human-centric IoT ecosystems with data, remote devices, and AI & ML while offering a top-notch user experience complemented with accurate predictions without burning a hole in your pocket.

What we do?


IoT Consulting

Leverage our world-class expertise and create amazing IoT applications using our vast experience in IoT consulting services as one of your best options. From connected devices and lifecycle management to sensors and connectivity, strategize your IoT applications in a go.


PoC & Prototype Development

Being a leading IoT development company, we offer the best PoC and prototype development services for our clients to develop and visualize captivating IoT applications that align perfectly with your business’s core functionality while saving you a lot of expenditure.


IoT Firmware Development & Integration

Our IoT expert professionals collaborate with your company’s hardware design team to integrate newer applications with your existing IoT networks. We can help you build an IoT network that is robust and would work round the clock efficiently with minimal downtime.


IoT Data Analytics & Data Visualization

Most IoT systems produce a handful of data, which should not go wasted with proper data analytics. To simplify this process, our experts at Quarks Technosoft offer IoT data analytics and visualization services so that you can have insights available to you to make your existing processes more efficient and straightforward.


When it comes to development, there are a lot of companies and individuals that talk a good game, but Quarks Technosoft actually makes it happen. They have enabled DataposIT, worked hand-in-hand, delivered and given us confidence to meet…and exceed our clients’ expectations. They are always available…working on short notices, ensuring they are always adding value, developing codes for our systems that have improved user experiences. I would trust them all the time with any development work.

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