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Perfection isn’t a myth, resilience engineering is real. embrace the future today.

An integrated approach from turning risks to digital solutions.

In today’s era, modern software is developed using complex architectural designs and has multiple interdependencies. If one dependency falls apart, it can trigger a series of failures and may cause system outages. The fact is even after thorough research and testing it is almost impossible to avoid failures and may wipe millions of dollars from its market value.

Our team of resilience engineers at Quarks tries their best to minimize this risk of system failures. We help organizations recuperate from failures while staying in a state of performing their core functions with minimal loss in their data and business. Our experts develop robust systems, ensure seamless user expectations, and offer a pleasant customer experience.

What we do?


Strategy Consulting

Our experts create a chaos engineering program for your company, develop business cases, and even run test cases in real conditions. Our teams proactively expose outage hotspots and infrastructure bottlenecks in the application and work towards designing scalable and more resilient systems.


Resiliency Assessment

We establish observability about the SLOs and SLIs which display how strong your systems’ resilience is and how well it is performing. Our resilience engineers develop systems and put them in continuous chaos using our resilient frameworks that enable your teams to discover flaws before they take the shape of outages.


Resiliency Engineering

We have teams specialized in developing a sense of confidence to unleash chaos during the production itself. So, get in touch with us to consult, design and implement proven degradation strategies and develop a robust resilient architecture in your organization.


Managed Services

You can put your trust in us that our site reliability engineers are working round the clock for you to guard, and detect flaws in your system and maintain its resiliency and reliability.


When it comes to development, there are a lot of companies and individuals that talk a good game, but Quarks Technosoft actually makes it happen. They have enabled DataposIT, worked hand-in-hand, delivered and given us confidence to meet…and exceed our clients’ expectations. They are always available…working on short notices, ensuring they are always adding value, developing codes for our systems that have improved user experiences. I would trust them all the time with any development work.

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