Advantages of Implementing Selenium for Automation Testing

Vaibhav Srivastava
31 May 2021

There is no doubt in the fact that Selenium is one of the most widely used automated testing frameworks for validating web applications. Thanks to its popularity, it is appreciated by both developers and the QA community all across the world. But, have you ever wondered that in a time when there are numerous tools available to run automation testing which is capable of delivering the same desired results, then why do people still have a fondness for Selenium? Well, it is undoubtedly a matter of discussion. So in this post, we would share the advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing and a few reasons for its popularity.

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Cross-Device Testing

One of the best advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing is it allows cross-device testing and does so seamlessly. The fact is, the entire Selenium community is working tirelessly in a direction to make the process of one Selenium script usable for all browsers finer every other day. As of now, Selenium scripts are compatible and used widely with Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera and Firefox browsers. This makes it easier for test teams to write a single test script which can be used across all the web browsers.

Open Source Availability

There are numerous advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing and one of them is it is open source. This makes it a conveniently available automation framework for testers, which they can use without paying a penny. Being open-source, Selenium allows customisation of the codes for their better management and ultimately enhances the capability of prebuilt classes and functions. It is quite easy to generate test scripts to test different sets of functionalities in Selenium making it a reliable web automation tool.

Implementation and Reusability 

Selenium WebDriver is quite user friendly. This makes it critically acclaimed advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing. As it is open-source, users can write their scripts and personalized extensions allowing them to manipulate their actions once it attains an advanced level.

Other advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing includes its reusability, it is easier for testers to reuse test script on Selenium and can be used for testing across multiple web browsers as stated in the aforementioned point. But, there is a slight twist in using it as Selenium is not designed for all web automation testing. So, testers will require other third-party frameworks to unleash its all potential.

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Community Support

There are many advantages of implementing Selenium for automation testing and one of them is its community support. This allows regular updates and upgrades which as in does not require specific training. This makes Selenium WebDriver not just economical to use but resourceful as well.

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