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Tools & Platforms we use
  • Amazon Machine Learning Amazon Machine Learning
  • Apache Spark MLlib Apache Spark MLlib
  • Azure Machine Learning Azure Machine Learning
  • Gensim Gensim
  • Keras Keras
  • Mahout Mahout
  • Mxnxt Mxnxt
  • OpenCV OpenCV
  • Scala Scala
  • Scikit Learn Scikit Learn
  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • theano theano
  • Java Java
  • Python Python
  • C# C#
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform
  • Databricks Databricks
  • Azure Synapse Azure Synapse
  • dbt dbt
  • Hadoop Hadoop
  • Kafka Kafka
  • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
  • Snowflake Snowflake

Our Engagement Models

Get exactly what your business needs with our flexible engagement models

Fixed Scope Projects

Delivering results within defined parameters

  • Cost predictability w/o unexpected expenses
  • Pre-defined & clear parameters
  • Stay on schedule with timely delivery

Managed Services

Efficiently tailored solutions for seamless operations

  • Continuous monitoring and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced operational efficiency & innovation
  • Accommodates fluctuating demands

Staff Augmentation

Empowering projects with on-demand expertise & agility

  • Diverse talent pool with specialized expertise
  • Eliminates overhead costs & maintains quality
  • Quick need-based scaling up or down

Why Quarks For Data Engineering?

Proven expertise across industries


Successful Data Engineering projects delivered

Long-standing industry experience


Years of industry experience

Customized solutions


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Certified experts


Certified Data Engineering experts onboard

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Industries We Serve

How We Deliver End-To-End Data Engineering Solutions

  • Project Assessment Project Assessment
    STEP 1

    Project Assessment

  • Strategy Development Strategy Development
    STEP 2

    Strategy Development

  • Design &  Architecture Design &  Architecture
    STEP 3

    Design & Architecture

  • Implementation & Development Implementation & Development
    STEP 4

    Implementation & Development

  • Testing, Deployment & Maintenance Testing, Deployment & Maintenance
    STEP 5

    Testing, Deployment & Maintenance

Featured Success Stories

AI Integrated Chat Bot to enhance customer experience

An e-commerce company that houses everything you can possibly imagine, from trending electronics like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and mobile accessories to in-vogue fashion staples like shoes, clothing, and lifestyle accessories; from modern furniture to appliances that make life easy; from home furnishings to toys and musical instruments, they’ve got it all covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETL data engineering?
ETL (Extract, transform, load) is the process of extracting data from various sources, transforming into a consistent format and loading it into a target location like data lake or a data warehouse. It is crucial for ensuring data quality, consistency and usability for decision making
What are data engineering services?
Data engineering services are ways of managing, optimizing and analyzing data for making informed decisions to meet the organizational goals. Some of the services that come under data engineering are ETL (Extract, transform, load), data warehousing, data processing, cloud migration, quality management and analytics
Why do modern businesses need data engineering services?
Modern businesses need data engineering to leverage the high volume of data for making better organizational decisions. Data engineering drives informed decision making, competitive advantage and innovation
Can data engineering be outsourced?
Yes. Data engineering can be outsourced to specialized data engineering service providers like Quarks Technosoft. Leveraging the resources and expertise of an external partner can help in reducing cost and give access to cutting edge technology

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