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6th December 2023
Between humans and robots; it is humanoid robots who are bridging the gap. - Vipin Vindal
21st Nov 2023
How do AI and ML Help in Data Protection for an Organization - Ravinder Rathi
26th Oct 2023
Machine Learning: The Future of Proactive Cybersecurity Defense. - Ravinder Rathi
12th October 2023
Best Practices and Implementation of AI for Cloud Security. - Saurabh Anand
29th September 2023
"How to use digital data to make informed decisions". - Ashish Laddha
22nd August 2023
Data Protection Bill: What will it do, penalties for non-compliance, who will implement? Here are all the answers. - Vipin Vindal
11 August 2023
Pink WhatsApp Scam Is Real, Stay Alert To Be Safe. Mobile Antivirus Can Help Too - Vipin Vindal
7 August 2023
How can Multimodal Machine Learning ensure positive digital yield extraction? - Vipin Vindal
27th July
Vipin Vindal || How AI transforms HR practices in today’s world and resolves HR operations with the same impact? || Express Computers
18 July 2023
Vipin Vindal || How to use business intelligence effectively to scale business. || The Economic Times
12 July 2023
Vipin Vindal || How to use business intelligence effectively to scale business || The Economic Times
27 June 2023
Vipin Vindal || Security: Predictive and Behavioral Detection || TimesTech Buzz
7 June 2023
Saurabh Anand || Chat-Based Shopping: Revolutionizing the Way Consumers Shop Online || Adgully
8 June 2023
Vipin Vindal || How is AI satisfying the thirst for creativity? || The Times Of India
2 June 2023
Vipin Vindal || How To Outsmart Increasing Cyberattacks In 2023 || ABP Live
25 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || Security: Predictive and Behavioral Detection || Timestech Magazine
12 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || National Technology Day: Why is it celebrated, history behind it || The Economic times
12 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || The State of Cybersecurity in 2023: Trends, Challenges, and Solutions || Times Now
10 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || Emerging Technologies in Cloud storage Security and their Implications || Techiexpert
9 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || Why crypto mines are a looming threat to climate change || Financial Express
6 May 2023
Vipin Vindal || How AI will bring a change in the education sector || Financial Express
18 April 2023
Vipin Vindal || Role of Telecom Power Solutions in Enabling Digital Transformation || Times Tech
17 April 2023
Vipin Vindal || How reporting a data breach can make cybersecurity community stronger? || HT Mint
10 April 2023
Vipin Vindal || How does artificial intelligence work, and how is it disrupting the IT sector || The Times of India
10 April 2023
Vipin Vindal || How Cloud Computing Can Be A Cost-Effective Solution For Businesses || Asia Business Outlook
4 April 2023
Vipin Vindal || Leap of faith; what can AI do for digital asset management || Financial Express
31 March 2023
Vipin Vindal || New Trends in Fintech Industry for 2023 || H2S News
10 March 2023
Vipin Vindal || Marketing in recession: How companies can implement advertising strategies || HT Mint
1 March 2023
Vipin Vindal || Steps to Ensure Security of Your IoT Devices || TimesTech
28 Feb 2023
Saurabh Anand || Quiet Hiring: How This Emerging Workplace Trend Can Benefit Companies And Employees || ABP Live
20 Feb 2023
Ankit Patni || Tech recruiting must-haves in 2023 || TechGig
8 Feb 2023
Vipin Vindal || What are Blockchain based Ricardian Contracts || Financial Express
2 Feb, 2023
Vipin Vindal || Post Budget Quote || 5G peddling in many progressions such as EdTech, AR can redefine classroom education || Financial Express
1 Feb, 2023
Vipin Vindal || The Future Of Agri-Tech in India– A Quick Look || TimesTech
15 Jan , 2023
Vipin Vindal || Upcoming Trends in Blockchain Technology || Financial Express
10 Jan, 2023
Vipin Vindal || A (de)centralised coexistence? How can stablecoins and CBDCs jointly contribute || Financial Express
9 Jan, 2023
Vipin Vindal || Contactless Payments in the Post-Covid World || Timestech Magazine
5 Jan, 2023
Saurabh Anand || Microsoft Azure Podcast || Digital Transformation & Automation
2 Jan, 2023
Saurabh Anand || 'How can companies benefit from adopting digital transformation' || - Silicon India
30 Dec, 2022
Vipin Vindal | After a roller coaster 2022 of strong growth & layoffs, what 2023 holds for IT industry?
24 Dec, 2022
Vipin Vindal | Budget 2023: Modi govt has an opportunity to help create the next TCS and Infosys.
22 Dec, 2022
Exclusive | Vipin Vindal, Quarks Technosoft: Understanding of latest technologies, best practices essential to staying competitive
20 Dec, 2022
A blockchain-Esque accounting world! How can blockchain in accountancy be a game changer
15 Dec, 2022
IT Jobs: Tips that will help you in the current time of lay-off.
28 Nov, 2022
How a company prevents itself from cyber attacks
26 Nov 2022
Block-the-Talk; Vipin Vindal of Quarks Technosoft Pvt Ltd on why liquidity is important for cryptocurrency exchanges
18 Nov, 2022
How Digital Transformation Has Fast-Tracked In The Last 3 Years
09 Nov 2022
How web development and software companies are helping to skill startups in the industry

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