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Do you think working on the latest technologies is always your aspiration? Do you feel that your work speaks louder than your actions? Do you really think that you can work in a fast-paced environment with sharp, intelligent, and like-minded people like you? Well, if you think you can, you have just jumped into the right place. Quarks promises to provide you with all the opportunities where you can work on challenging projects, use cutting-edge technologies and provide you continuous learning environment that is just right to enhance your career.

It is a place where you’ll want to come every day to explore more opportunities because, in spite of being a presence in the market for many years, we have adopted the Start-up Culture & open door policy where employees are free to innovate, learn & share their ideas with others.

We are revolutionizing the world by harnessing the power of technology

Flexible Working Hours

We are not a 9 to 5 organization. In fact, our flexible working hour policy makes sure that every employee in Quarks feels a sense of work-life balance.

Room to Grow

Work on challenging IT projects and unleash the best of your potential. Our team leads are also your mentors who will help you to work, learn, develop and grow at the same time.

Health Insurance

We don’t want our employees to feel worried about their health-related expenses, that is why each Quark employee has medical insurance applicable in private hospitals all across the country.

Competitive Salary

We believe, that when there’s competition in business, there should be competition in salaries also. Our employees get a high and inflation-independent salary on the last day of every working month.

30 Days of Vacation

We know, that no one should expect productivity without a quality break with friends & family. So, we have a generous leave policy offering 12 Casual Leaves and 18 Privilege Leaves per calendar year.

Rewards & Recognitions

There is no motivation if you are not being recognized for your efforts and our R&R is just a small token of appreciation for your efforts.

Offices in City Centres

Our offices are centrally located in prime business districts and are easily reachable by Metro, Bus, and Personal Vehicles. Also, we have ample parking space within the office premises.

Buddy Program

We have a quite unique Buddy Program where employees can reach out to their buddy for any Personal/Professional help. Also, your buddy will help you in taking you through the organization structure, processes, or any help you need.

Life as a Quarkian

A team that plays together stays together, at Quarks we understand the importance of spending quality time with each other.

# LifeatQuarks

As a great place to work we have been encouraging an open and diverse, since our inception.

# LifeatQuarks

We came, we saw, we smiled and we have been working together. Healthy work-life balance is a key to our success.

# LifeatQuarks

We promise you an inclusive work environment where you will fall in love with challenging as well as getting challenged.

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