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Tools & Platforms we use
  • Python Python
  • R R
  • Scala Scala
  • Tableau Tableau
  • Qlik Qlik
  • Matplotlib Matplotlib
  • Tensorflow Tensorflow
  • PyTorch PyTorch
  • PowerBI PowerBI

Our Engagement Models

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Fixed Scope Projects

Delivering results within defined parameters

  • Cost predictability w/o unexpected expenses
  • Pre-defined & clear parameters
  • Stay on schedule with timely delivery

Managed Services

Efficiently tailored solutions for seamless operations

  • Continuous monitoring and 24/7 support
  • Enhanced operational efficiency & innovation
  • Accommodates fluctuating demands

Staff Augmentation

Empowering projects with on-demand expertise & agility

  • Diverse talent pool with specialized expertise
  • Eliminates overhead costs & maintains quality
  • Quick need-based scaling up or down

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How We Deliver End-To-End AI/ML Solutions

  • Consultation & Needs Assessment Consultation & Needs Assessment
    STEP 1

    Consultation & Needs Assessment

  • Proposal & Scope Agreement Proposal & Scope Agreement
    STEP 2

    Proposal & Scope Agreement

  • Development & Testing Development & Testing
    STEP 3

    Development & Testing

  • Deployment & Support Deployment & Support
    STEP 4

    Deployment & Support

  • Monitoring And Optimization Monitoring And Optimization
    STEP 5

    Monitoring And Optimization

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI/ML and why does it matter to your business?
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning involve computer systems learning from data to make decisions, predictions and perform tasks without explicit programming. For businesses, it enhances efficiency, data-driven insights, improves decision making, automates tasks and fosters innovations
What is the future of AI/ML in business?
According to a 2023 McKinsey survey, 63% of businesses that adopted AI reported growth in revenue. Artificial Intelligence in business operations is expected to double the workforce efficiency and boost profitability by 38% by 2035
In which sectors is AI/ML used most?
According to a report published by Grand View Research, AI/ML is being used in several industries. Some of them are healthcare, retail and e-commerce, food tech, banking and financial services, supply chain and logistics, travel, real estate, media and entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, education, fashion, private equity and principal investment, legal businesses, information technology, and hospitality, etc
How is AIML used in solving business problems?
AI/ML is used to automate repetitive tasks, analyze vast datasets for insights, optimize operations, predict customer behavior, personalize marketing, enhance customer service, detect fraud, innovate products through predictive analysis and so much more
How many businesses use AI?
According to a May 2024 article by Fortune, 5.4% of the companies use AI. This number was 3.7% in the fall of 2023 and is expected to reach 6.6% by end of this year

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