Atlassian Acquires Service Desk App Halp

Vaibhav Srivastava
15 May 2020

Known for the products, such as JIRA, Confluence and Trello, Atlassian has announced this week that it is acquiring service desk App Halp.

The move came at a time when the entire world is amidst an unprecedented war against the coronavirus and collaboration tools have become the only option for the teams to remain productive. Halp is a software product that enables internal service desk tickets to conversational threads within Slack. It helps IT teams to allot and reply requests from Slack on the basis of their priority. However, the financial terms and the closing details of the deal are yet to be disclosed.

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Announcing the deal, a blog post on Atlassian says, “Halp Answers enables your teams to leverage the knowledge that already exists within your company to automatically answer tickets right in Slack. That knowledge can be pulled in from Slack messages, Confluence articles or any piece of knowledge in your organization.”

Amidst the Covid-19 crises, the companies are forced to change their conventional working style with the on-going work from practices. This has greatly increased the demand for real-time collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Halp will provide Atlassian more links into collaboration services through its platforms, Confluence and Jira. On the other side, the Halp team said that the company will continue to support its existing customers while it will work to expand its capabilities under Atlassian. 

“We’ll be able to harness the vast resources at Atlassian to continue with our mission to make Halp the best tool for any team collaborating on requests with other teams. Our team will grow and be able to focus on making the core experience of Halp even more powerful. We’ll also develop a deeper integration with the Atlassian suite — improving our existing Jira and Confluence integrations and discovering the possibilities of Halp generating alerts in Opsgenie, cards in Trello, and much more,” the company said in a blog post.

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