Atlassian Cancel Event in Las Vegas Due to Coronavirus

Vaibhav Srivastava
13 March 2020

With more than 1,24,500 confirmed cases, over 4600 death and 120+ countries and territories in its grip (WHO), Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 has already been declared as a global pandemic. More and more cases of deaths and new patients are coming into the limelight every day. As the situation is worsening day-by-day all across the globe, and due to this, events of the international gathering are getting cancelled as a safety measure. Atlassian cancel event in Las Vegas due to Coronavirus. 

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Atlassian is an enterprise software company which is into developing IT products for project management, software development and content management. It has organised Atlassian Submit 2020 from March 31 to April 2 in Las Vegas. The company has recently posted an update stating that they have decided to suspend its submit amidst the ever-rising fear of Coronavirus. 

Even after Atlassian cancel event in Las Vegas due to Coronavirus still, the industry experts have a reason to cheer. The company has planned to offer great content online during its Atlassian Remote Summit 2020. However, more details are awaited. 

Be it the stock market or industries, such as tourism, food or poultry, the terror of Coronavirus is sparing no one. The direct impact of Covid-19 on IT industry is yet to access, but one place which is surely bearing the heat of the event is industry events. Whether it is imposing of travel bans or law prohibiting large gatherings, not just Atlassian but several other IT companies either postponing, cancelling, or else opting for the safest option available, organising virtual events. 

Most of the companies around the world have restricted their employees to travel abroad. Many of them have told their workforce to work from home. Atlassian cancel event in Las Vegas due to Coronavirus is not the only IT company to do this. The list is quite long with the names like Adobe, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Gartner, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce among others. 

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