Benefits of Test Automation in a Software Project

Vaibhav Srivastava
31 January 2020

Automation is the need of the hour. Be it automating a large scale industrial process or a program testing in the software industry, most business sectors are looking towards IT for a solution. Even after putting the best efforts forward, there is always a scope of bug that could remain unsighted. Test engineers to spot them before the releasing of the product but they always reappear. Test automation in a software project is one of the best ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the software development process. In this post from Quarks, we are listing some of the benefits of test automation in a software project.

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Saves Time and Money

Software tests are repeated N number of times during a software development cycle to ensure the highest quality standards. Every time a code is improved or modified, the testing process should ideally be repeated. For every software release, it is tested on most of the supported hardware configurations and operating systems. Manual repetition of these tests, again and again, is both costly and time-consuming. The best benefits of test automation in a software project is, once a test automation is created, they can run faster and repeatedly without putting additional cost.

Faster Feedback

One of the biggest benefits of test automation in a software project is faster feedback. Automated testing benefits in the validation during different stages of a software project. Doing this help in improving the communication among designers, coders and product owners. This, in turn, reduces the chances of any potential bugs and glitches to be rectified immediately. Another benefits of test automation in a software project is it ensures higher efficiency in the development process.

Earlier Detection of Defects

When it comes to the benefits of test automation in a software project, it gives an edge to detect defects in the earlier stages of the development. This helps in increasing the development speed and ensures correct functionality. There is a golden rule, the earlier you find a glitch, the more you can save to fix the defect.

Focused Testing Process

Every test engineer has a different testing approach, and the area they focus could vary as per their expertise, exposure and past testing experience. With the creating of test automation, it can be assured that the testing would be focused on all the areas and guarantees the best possible quality.

Faster Time to Market

One of the best benefits of test automation in a software project is it can reduce the time to market of an application by offering continuous execution of all the test cases. Once the process is automated, the execution of the test library becomes fast and can be used for a longer duration than manual testing.

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