Data Analytics Trends for 2021 to Watch

Vaibhav Srivastava
2 March 2021

The last past year was full of challenges dropped by the Covid-19 pandemic and the biggest of them was worldwide lockdown. The businesses who had already shifted their operations on digital platforms sailed through the coronavirus storm successfully but those who didn’t failed to bear the brunt. But, this pandemic has also provided the opportunity to leverage the best out of digital transformation. With the aftermath of coronavirus to be continued in 2021 as well, companies are looking towards IT for a solution to run their businesses in any unforeseen circumstances. So on that note, here are the 5 data analytics trends for 2021 to watch by all of us.

Boom in Python-based Applications

The popularity of Python as a programming language has broken all barriers in the last few years. Companies all across the globe are using inclining themselves towards Python to gain insights from massive data they have and take an edge from their competitors. This makes it one of the data analytics trends for 2021 to watch by everyone. 

Python has a huge number of free data science libraries such as Pandas and machine learning libraries like Scikit-learn. It can even be used to develop blockchain applications.

Data Cloud Services

Do you know on average how much data is created every day all across the world? Believe it or not but a lot more than 2.5 quintillion bytes. This data is massive. Companies like Facebook and Google can store this data easily but for small businesses, the task is painstaking. Data as a Service(DaaS) is one of those data analytics trends for 2021 that everyone should watch out for. It is a cloud service that makes use of cloud computing to offer data integration, storage of data, data analytics and data processing services to companies with the help of a network connection. So, companies can use DaaS to automate their production and understand their audience making it data analytics trends for 2021.


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