How Artificial Intelligence is Making an Impact in the Education Industry?

Vaibhav Srivastava
16 June 2022

There’s no denying the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has left a huge impact on numerous industries and verticals, and undoubtedly, the education sector is one of them. The current education system has gone through a paradigm shift in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic is also one of the prime reasons that the traditional education methodologies have transformed radically and turned online to a great extent. 

Artificial intelligence in the academic world is already in use by many educational institutions across the globe. In fact, it has given a new perspective on how teachers, students and parents look at education. There are researches available which show that by the year 2023, the global share of artificial intelligence in education will reach around $3.68 billion at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 47% and by 2027, this will further increase to US$ 12 billion at CAGR of 45%. There is a lot of potential in AI in academics which makes it worth a try to tell you all how artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry and how will it revolutionize it more.

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Creating Smart Content 

Smart content is one of the hottest topics in the town these days. For those who are bewildered, it is a kind of dynamic content which is created by converting notes, and textbooks into digital formats, creating interactive training sessions, developing lectures and video lessons, and many more. Artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry by utilizing traditional syllabuses to develop digitized customized textbooks and creating new learning interfaces that may assist students ranging from elementary to postgraduation levels. Not just this, but the smart content produced using AI also offers assistance to teachers so that they can individually look after the requirement of each student.

Automating Administrative Duties

There’s not even a single organization in the world that can run without the completion of backend tasks and in the educational institutions, a big chunk of this work is done by the teaching staff. While the administrative department takes care of filing paperwork, sending and responding to emails, and creating periodic reports, the teaching faculty have to outline the lecture for the next class and prepare test papers, among numerous other things. Not just this, in fact, as per a report by The Telegraph, most teachers end up devoting just 43% of their time to teaching. Here, artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry by automating tasks, such as grading test papers. Another department where AI is helping schools and colleges is in the admissions process by using automation in the classification of eligible students.

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Personalized Learning For Kids with Special Needs

Educating kids with special needs is always a challenging task for teachers. They are not just more tender compared to other students but also have difficulty in reading, writing, learning and doing mathematics. The traditional one-size-fits-all method of teaching doesn’t fit here. It is where artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry for kids with special requirements. Firstly, AI applications for education are funnier, entertaining and personalized so that these kids can learn things at their own pace and enjoy them at the same time. Apart from this, there are studies which show that AI-based learning apps are able to grab more attention and children were able to concentrate more than their usual attention time of 5 to 10 minutes. Artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry by determining what kids are interested in and how much they have learnt over time, thus change it can change its pace and the syllabus.

Developing Virtual Learning Environment 

Another way artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry is by creating a virtual learning environment for the students. As AI-powered platforms can digitize textbooks, it is quite convenient for students to access them anytime and anywhere. This feature is beneficial for students who cannot be physically available to attend the classes. Apart from that, it provides an opportunity for the students to study foreign courses that are unavailable in their country, thus opening new avenues for students. Another great thing about AI in education is that it can easily translate study material into a number of different languages making it easier to understand by the masses. Also, instead of clarifying their doubts physically from a teacher, students can ask their queries to chatbots.

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Summing It Up

How artificial intelligence is making an impact in the education industry is still a topic of discussion for many. But it has for sure drastically changed the way the education system was working till now. It has, on one side, benefited students by providing them with personalized learning, individual growth and a virtual learning environment, while on the other, it has taken off the burden of doing exhausting administrative work, evaluating test papers and grading from the shoulder of teachers and professors. 

Artificial intelligence is relatively new compared to other existing technologies but has a lot of potential which is yet to be churned out. How artificial intelligence will benefit the education sector is something that could be seen in the future only but we believe it will definitely prove to be a boon for the education industry.

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