How Automation Helps in DevOps?

Vaibhav Srivastava
8 June 2021

There was a time when everything was done manually. But the advent of robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and big data, automation has changed our lives 360 degrees. From washing clothes and printing a design on a piece of paper to run a machine in a big industrial plant, everything we see, everything we use is a result of automation in some way or the other. When nothing is untouched without automation, how could we expect the ever-innovative IT world to stay away from it? It has made a notable space in the IT industry as well and plays a crucial role in the software engineering methodology. Read this post from Quarks till the end to know how automation helps in DevOps SDLC.

But, before we began, it is important to know 

What is DevOps? 

DevOps is the union of two disciplines – Dev and Ops. In general, the term ‘Dev’ refers to the development of software. It is used to describe the network of people who help in developing a product including software developers, quality assurance engineers, and others. Whereas, ‘Ops’ is a term used for network engineers, system engineers, system administrators and the entire staff who work in operations. 

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How does Automation help in DevOps?

Automation Helps in DevOps SDLC in many ways, we have listed them below:


Automation helps in DevOps SDLC by keeping Ops teams at a position where they can change code and address automation helps in DevOps existing issues by automating the issue, such as tracking processes and traceability. For instance, if a team member finds any code issue weeks after their submission, DevOps can fix these issues without delaying the progress made since the beginning.

Code Development

Another way by which automation helps in DevOps SDLC is code development. Automation of applications like source control allows software developers on the peak of the DevOps SDLC process. For instance, making appropriate changes in the development process activities result in saving a lot of time and helps profusely to simplify complex software project development. 

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Allows CI/CD

Automation helps in DevOps SDLC through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. It ensures that suitable data, software builds, code changes and tests are delivered in an appropriate target domain. Due to this, DevOps teams can make frequent code changes, prepare them for testing which ultimately results in pushing regular software changes to promote in the market.

Testing Codes

Automation is one of the most crucial aspects in DevOps SDLC when it comes to help, implement and do continuous testing. As testing is a continuous process, automation helps in DevOps SDLC and QA process. It makes an environment where automated communications are triggered between systems and team members. Automation helps in DevOps and QA by tracking issues, predicting issues in advance and integrating multiple tests.

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