How Data Science Is Transforming the Healthcare Sector?

Vaibhav Srivastava
4 May 2020

Someone has said it right, “where there’s a will; there’s a way.” What if we ask you to find something common between healthcare and banking sector? Well, nothing much except that they both are leveraging the best out of data science tools. Medicine and healthcare are the two most important part of human lives. Plus, they are a vast ocean of a lot of unanswered questions which intrigue data scientists to explore those uncharted territories. The fact is, data science is transforming the healthcare sector. There are various fields in this industry, such as drug discovery, predictive diagnosis, medical imaging, and many others where data science is proving as a boon. 

In this post, we will discuss how data science is transforming the healthcare sector.

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Diagnostics is one of those places where data science is transforming the healthcare sector. Diagnosis of disease plays a critical part in the patient’s care cycle, It is the only available way to determines what type of treatment should be provided to the patient. But the truth is, even after many technological advancements in this sector, we are far away from perfection. Every year, error in diagnosis results in thousands and lakhs of death all across the world. 

With the help of data science techniques, data scientists can now employ deep learning techniques to extract inputs from laboratory and clinical reports to come up with a precise diagnosis. Data science is transforming the healthcare sector by detecting early signs disease and allow the doctors a scope to provide better preventive care in advance.

Drug Discovery

Do you know what is one of the most difficult jobs in the healthcare industry? It’s drug development. Developing a drug not just takes a lot of research and testing but also asks for time and financial investment as well. And after all that a drug is released in the market.

With the help of data science, analysts can work on a variety of structured and unstructured data which is obtained from places, such as treatment results, tests and case studies. After which, by using advanced mathematical algorithms they can predict how it would interact in contact with body proteins and later predict the success rate. This way, data science is transforming the healthcare sector.

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Apart from looking cool as a part of your attire, wearables also play a vital role in keeping your health data up to the mark. They are cool gadgets, which collects data such as your habits, the lifestyle you follow, the time you spent in doing physical activities, among many other things. After analysing all this data, they provide help in finding disease and later on provide personalised treatment plans for the patients.

You will be surprised to know that a human body normally generates close to 2 terabytes of data every day. Data science is transforming the healthcare sector in many ways. By making the most out of the data, it keeps a close tab on the heart rate, blood glucose, sleep patterns, stress levels and brain activity to find early signs of any respiratory or heart-related problems.

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