How To Keep Your Mail and Social Media Accounts Secure This Safer Internet Day?

Vaibhav Srivastava
10 February 2021

The internet has surely become one of the most important necessities after food, clothing and shelter. As more and more users from all across the globe are becoming a part of this community, the risk of being a victim of cyber frauds and online scams has also grown manifolds. Considering the risk associated, it is imperative for each one of us to know the best practices to keep such activities at bay. Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year on the second day of the second week of February to educate people about the safe usage of the internet. So, take a look at how to keep your mail and social media accounts secure this Safer Internet Day.

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Use Strong Password

One of the reasons that most people get duped online is because they use passwords that are very easy to predict, such as using birthday dates of family members, 1234 or 0000 among many other simple combinations. A strong password is a combination of lowercase, uppercase letters and numbers along with special characters that are quite tough to crack for fraudsters. These days, almost every social media account shows if your password is strong or not in real-time. This way you can keep your mail and social media accounts secure this Safer Internet Day.

Change Passwords Frequently

This Safer Internet Day, promise yourself to change your passwords across all platforms regularly. Changing passwords every once in a while makes sure that you are safe from cyber-attacks and it will be hard for online attackers to guess what combination you have used this time. Yes, remembering them is a strenuous task so, for that, you can make a pattern and use different passwords on all your mail and social media accounts using this pattern on this Safer Internet Day. 

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Don’t Use the Same Password for all Accounts

Using the same password for all accounts is quite a common mistake that most of us do without thinking about its consequences. You created a strong password for one website and then used it for all the other platforms. In short, all your efforts for creating that passwords are in vain as online attackers have to guess one password and then the ball will be entirely in their court. So, always refrain yourself from falling in such loopholes. This way, you can keep your mail and social media accounts secure this Safer Internet Day.

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