Leverage the Best Out of Salesforce Technology

Vaibhav Srivastava
10 December 2019

If you are a millennial and an IT professional or any of your friend is working in the software industry, you might have heard of CRMs or Salesforce.com. Well even if you haven’t, you would be glad to know that from startups to the biggest companies in the world, all of them have incorporated Salesforce in better managing their prospects and efficiently converting opportunities into deals. 

In this post from Quarks, we are going to tell our readers about what exactly Salesforce is and how organisations can streamline their work leveraging the best out of Salesforce technology. Take a look.

What is Salesforce?

Headquartered in San Fransisco, California, Salesforce.com is a cloud-based software company and software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specialises primarily in customer relationship management (CRM). As the software of Salesforce is cloud-based hence, it does not require IT experts for its setup. 

Salesforce has drastically changed how businesses can connect better with their partners and prospective customers. It not just helps in identifying the needs of end-users but also helps in addressing their problems and provide solutions for the same in the quickest possible time.

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A Brief History

Founded by a bunch of former Oracle executives, Frank Dominguez, Marc Benioff, Dave Moellenhoff, and Parker Harris, in the year 1999, this New York Stock Exchange-listed company raised US$110 million in its initial public offering (IPO) in 2014.  

Services Offered by Salesforce

Salesforce is designed keeping in mind to cater to the service needs of all modern-day businesses and has developed many products under its flagship. One of the best things about Salesforce is it is fully customisable and can be modified with bespoke solutions as needed for the business.

Here is the list of some popular Salesforce Products:

Sales Cloud

What is that one thing that makes a sales team strong? I think its database could be the best answer to this question. Sales Cloud by Salesforce is provided with Einstein AI module that keeps a tab on where a lead came from, understanding the requirements and suggests the best products and services. Other than this, Sales Cloud by Salesforce helps to get better insights, predict actions, automate processes and let you build better relations with your prospects.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is one of the most powerful digital marketing platform tools. It can be used to manage a customer’s journey, web personalization, mobile, email, content creation, content management and social media. It then analyses the entire customer profile and tell about the kind of person he or she is. Owing to this information, the user can now find a way to convert the customer into a sale.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud by Salesforce helps you to create a healthy learning community platform for all your customers. If your is one of those organisation who wishes to connect, interact and communicate with your customers, partners and employees then it is one such product that can do all this for you. Among all this, it is capable to interchange images as well as data in real-time with your audience.

Service Cloud

If you are a service-based organisation, one of the first things that can make you an edge over your competitors is providing an immediate solution to your customers’ problem. Service Cloud by Salesforce enables users to self-service portals for customers, speedy solutions to their problems, and manage reputation by responding to your brand mentions online. 

Why Invest in Salesforce?

In today’s fast-moving market, the key is to identify new areas of growth. Salesforce.com holds 20% of the market share and is trusted by the very best. Through Salesforce, get the best out of your business techniques via better communication, tracking and analysis.

How Quarks Help Organisations is Bespoke Salesforce Application Development?

Being one of the best Salesforce development companies in India, our aim is to help organisations to plan, design, develop and implement Salesforce applications. Our rich experience of working with enterprises like Time of India, Zomato, Financial Engine (US), etc has allowed us to build an understanding of effective software development. We reshape the way companies manage their business processes by allowing them to own a bespoke application giving then an extra advantage over their competitors.

So, mail us today at contact@www.qtsolv.com so that we can help your organisation to innovate, automate and escalate using information technology.

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