Microsoft GitHub Account Allegedly Hit by a Cyberattack

Vaibhav Srivastava
13 May 2020

In the latest twist and turns of the events, a hacker claimed to have stolen more than 500GB of data from GitHub accounts. However, GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft has yet to comment on the latest breach. As per the report from BleepingComputer, Microsoft GitHub account allegedly hit by a cyberattack.

The hacker, with the name “Shiny Hunters” claim to have over 500GB of files which it has downloaded from Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories.  Microsoft GitHub account allegedly hit by a cyberattack on March 28, 2020. Initially, the hacker had planned to sell the data but later decided to leak it for free.

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The website says, “As a teaser, the hacker has offered 1GB of data on one of the hacker forums so that the registered members can use site ‘credits’ to have full access of the files. Some of this leaked data contain Chinese text and references to, while the other threat actors on this forum don’t feel that the leaked data is real.”

However, no one from Microsoft has confirmed the breach. The report which claimed that Microsoft GitHub account allegedly hit by a cyberattack also says that as far as Microsoft is concerned, there is nothing to worry for them. The stolen files mostly contain test projects, code samples, an eBook, and many other generic modules. 

Data breaches and cyberattacks have grown manifolds in the recent times. Recently, a US-based cybersecurity intelligence firm, Cyble disclosed that a group of hackers have sold the Unacademy’s user database, which is one of the largest online learning platforms in India. The breach involved more than 20 million accounts and was claimed to be sold for $2,000 (INR 1,51,640).

Last month, another group of hackers sold more than 500,000 Zoom accounts on the hacker forums and dark web at dirt cheap prices. Apart from that many of these Zoom accounts were sold for free on the dark web. In another cyberattack, personal details of over 267 million Facebook users were leaked for just 500 Euros (INR 41,695). This data includes their full name, email, age and phone number among others.

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