Node Vs React: Which Javascript to Choose for Your Project?

Vaibhav Srivastava
9 January 2022

While designing an awesome web application for your company or client, the most difficult question that must be giving you sleepless nights is which one to choose between node vs react for your project. And why not, after all, it a key factors that decide whether your business will be successful to create a strong online brand image or not. And it is one of the reasons that the tug of war between node vs react is continuous and keeps industry experts busy in making arguments of their own.

Before opting any of these two frameworks, there are many parameters, such as interoperability, dependencies, size, features, maturity that should be considered. In this post from Quarks, we have tried to list the pros and cons of these two most popular Javascript frameworks. Take a look.

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Comparison between Node Vs React

Comparison between Node Vs React

Comparison between Node Vs React


Pros and Cons of Using NodeJS

Powered by Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, NodeJS can be taken more as a server than a Javascript framework. It is extremely fast and best for video conferencing, chats, online games, or any IT development which requires continuous data updates. It offers the flow to the program that are decided by events. Other than this, the open-source library of NodeJS is one of the largest in the world. 

When to choose between NodeJS between node vs react for your project


Open-source – NodeJS is both free to use as well as the open-source framework.

Server Development – NodeJS has a set of in-built APIs which gives a free hand to developers to make TCP server, DNS server, HTTP server and more.

Improved Performance – NodeJS allows performing non-blocking operations that result in enhanced web app performance.

Unit Testing – NodeJS allows to check codes quickly through its Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing framework, Jasmine.

Dual Use – NodeJS can be used for both back-end as well as front-end development.


  • Developers require in-depth Javascript understanding to code on NodeJS
  • NodeJS is not scalable so one CPU is not sufficient to take benefits of multiple tasks
  • NodeJS lacks development tools.
  • Developers who code on Node JS have to face challenges of ample nested callbacks.
  • It does not fit for the development of large applications.

Companies that use NodeJS – LinkedIn, Trello, Walmart, Medium, NASA and many others

Pros and Cons of Using ReactJS

Created in the year 2013 by Facebook, ReactJS is taken more as an open-source Javascript library than a framework. It is primarily used with a motive to create great user interfaces with the main focus on providing amazing performance. ReactJS is dependent more on “view” when it comes to in the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. 

When to choose between ReactJS between node vs react for your project


Great Efficiency – ReactJS makes a virtual Document Object Model (DOM) where the component developers make lives. All the changes are made in the DOM and keep on updating in this DOM tree. This improves its performance and makes it efficient by discarding expensive DOM operations.

SEO Effective – The fact that search engines find it hard to read Javascript applications is not hidden from any of us. But, ReactJS come up as a perfect solution to this issue. 

Faster Virtual DOM – The virtual DOM is faster in ReactJS. It just refreshes a part of the page instead of refreshing the entire model. 

ReactJS is Simple – Simple to reuse different components code as well as to make UI test cases.

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