Tech Gadgets to Improve Work From Home Productivity During Home Quarantine

Vaibhav Srivastava
24 March 2020

Not just India, but most countries around the globe are in a quest to find the solution for the Novel Coronavirus. It is due to the severity of the disease that both the government and the companies have no other option left but to allow work from home during home quarantine. So, when each of us is busy with our work at home, did we think about productivity, which might be hampering us? We can say this with confidence, but the fact is, when we do work from home, we reduce our productivity in some way or the other. With no manager or lead around us to look at what we are doing, we stay free to use our office hours in leisure as well. So, here is a list of tech gadgets to improve work from home productivity during home quarantine.

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A Laptop With Good Battery Backup

Having an official or personal laptop for doing work from home is no big deal. But the big deal is, is it having a good battery life? With lots of official work, video conferencing and making detailed reports every day, your laptop battery gets drained in no time. We don’t realise, but doing work while charging your laptop is quite irking as the charging cord always comes in between. Having a laptop with a good battery backup boosts confidence to be ready for video calls with clients and team members, and improves productivity. So, a laptop with a good battery life is a must-have tech gadgets to improve work from home productivity during home quarantine.

A Nice Table and Chair

Where do you work when doing work from home? On your bed? No. On your couch? No. We all can sit on bed or sofa with our laptop but we can’t take it long as planting your bottom in this state for long starts aching your back soon. And if it does, you will end up in taking a break to rest your back which will ultimately reduce your productivity. So, a nice table and chair are what you need for a comfortable work from home experience. Though it is not a tech one, yet we can include it in our list of tech gadgets to improve work from home productivity during home quarantine. 

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A Good Earphones

Be it attending a video or audio call with clients or to break the boredom while working, a good pair of earphones are nothing less than a constant companion for all those who are working from home during home quarantine. Earphones allow you to have a conversation with your teams and clients uninterruptedly, and hence improves productivity. On the other hand, they are stress busters. After a filling day at home, earphones not just relax your mind but also your body. So, we have included earphones in our list of tech gadgets to improve work from home productivity during home quarantine.

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