Top Cloud Service Providers in the World

Vaibhav Srivastava
26 February 2020

Just think of the time when we had to store data of exabyte (EB) and zettabyte (ZB) in size in the hard drives, and once it crashes, there was no way to retrieve it back. But, with the advent of cloud services, it seems we have found a solution to this problem to a great extent. Cloud computing technology has undoubtedly penetrated the entire IT-sphere like a wildfire. It has opened numerous avenues to access IT resources and simplified the way companies can store their data securely. At the same time, the cloud service providers are in a quest to always come up with competitive products all the time with disruptive innovations. This post from Quarks is all about the top cloud service providers in the world who have aced the cloud war in all these years.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the oldest and top cloud service providers in the world. Amazon was the earliest bird to catch the flight with AWS and has successfully made the most of the opportunity. Amazon Web Service was launched in 2002, very long before the beginning of the tug of war in the world of cloud services. It is the most adopted cloud platform which offers more than 160 fully-featured cloud computing services. In the year 2018, AWS’s revenue was whooping $25.6 billion and it has made a profit of $7.2 billion that year.

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Google Cloud

Google become a cloud service provider in 2018 and it is too new to be our list of top cloud service providers in the world. However, in July 2019, it picked up the much-needed pace when Google announced its partnership of Google Cloud Platform with VMware. And there is no turning back since then. It is firmly trying to make its grip tighter in the banking and finance sector and successfully managed to rope HSBC as its client. During that time, Google announced an average earning of $8 billion from the cloud business. But, the biggest highlight is, just two months ago before this, the company has reported its annual revenue of $4 billion per year making it one of the top cloud service providers in the world.

Microsoft Azure

Do you know who is the closest competitor of the ace cloud service provider AWS? It’s Microsoft Azure. It is one of the fastest-growing and top cloud service providers in the world. The success of the company can be seen from the fact that Microsoft Azure has recently received a $10 billion contract from the US government. Like its counterpart, it also comes with a hell lot of cloud services including LinkedIn services, Dynamic 365 and Office 365. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Service is one of the most alluring services where a user can develop, deploy, test, manage and monitor different machine learning models in a cloud-based environment making Microsoft Azure top cloud service providers in the world.

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IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is also there in the list of top cloud service providers in the world. It has direct competition with Google, AWS, Salesforce and Microsoft, and is heading in the right direction to tackle it all alone. IBM made its best bet in the form of Cognitive Computing, Blockchain and Internet of Things. All these services work profusely Bluemix and Watson, the cloud and IT platform of IBM. While Watson is the effort of intense research done by IBM in the past decade in AI and ML whereas Bluemix offers SaaS and IaaS capabilities. In the third quarter of 2019, IBM reported its revenue of over $5 billion, which is more than 6% higher than the last quarter.

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