Trello Unveils Automation Tool Butler with Jira and Slack

Vaibhav Srivastava
10 April 2020

One of the most popular collaboration tools, Trello, a subsidiary owned by Atlassian has recently announced that it is going to integrate its no-code automation tool Butler with Jira and Slack. The new move will help in providing a completely new experience of automation to Trello’s development and chat platforms. As per the company, they were hoping to extend the capabilities provided by Butler beyond Trello. With this, Trello aims to be the “command centre of work.” So, in the est move, Trello unveils automation tool Butler with Jira and Slack.

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Butler was one of the most popular automation tools on the platform, hence in 2018, when Trello acquired Butler. With this, the company wants to offer If This Then That” (IFTTT) set of automation competencies to its users. By implementing rule-based triggers, it is easy to automate numerous actions in Trello using Butler with just a single click and program commands at regular intervals.

In a time when Trello unveils automation tool Butler with Jira and Slack, Trello CEO Michael Pryor said, “We’re starting to expand beyond the walls of Trello by tying this to other tools.”

This latest Jira integration enables users to create new tasks, issues and bugs automatically. Apart from this, when it comes to post feedback or comments related to any existing Jira tickets, they can do it seamlessly from Trello by using rules, commands or buttons in Butler.

The move, Trello unveils automation tool Butler with Jira and Slack is not something that the company has done for the first time. It already has numerous existing integrations which allow its users to unleash the best productivity capabilities of Trello with tools that are in regular use. Dropbox, Google Hangouts, OneDrive, Salesforce and MailChimp are just to name a few of the 130 existing integrations that are marketed by Trello on its official website.

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After Trello unveils automation tool Butler with Jira and Slack, in future, Trello aims to come up with more Butler integrations with the set of tools that primarily fall into the three broad categories: Project Tracking (like Jira), Documentation Collaboration (such as Google Docs, Dropbox and Atlassian’s Confluence), and Communication (like Slack, or Microsoft Teams).

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