Types of Apps that Can be Developed Using Angular

Vaibhav Srivastava
22 February 2022

There is no doubt in the fact that JavaScript is one of the most powerful technologies available for application development. It has drastically changed the way web and mobile apps were developing in all these years. Angular is one of its own and has been applauded by all when it comes to the best JavaScript frameworks. It is maintained by Google and is a complete blend to develop front-end applications which can be run independently without additional plugin or framework. Angular is a top-notch JavaScript framework capable of developing applications that are high in performance, easy to use and captivating in appearance. In this post, we will discuss the types of apps that can be developed using Angular.

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Scalable Web Apps

There are many different types of apps that can be developed using Angular and one of them is scalable web apps. Being a developer, one can rely on Angular for building web applications that are scalable. Angular comes with a component-based architecture feature, which makes it possible to develop scalable web apps without affecting the overall application.

Single-Page Application

Do you want to know the types of apps that can be developed using Angular? Well, singe-page application is one of them. It is one of those web apps where web browser interacts directly with UI components by rephrasing the existing web page with fresh data from the web browser. If someone wants to build a single page application, Angular is a perfect pick due to its routing and data management abilities. 

Mobile Apps

Thanks to simple and improved architecture, code reusability and less coding required for development, Angular is the best for building attractive mobile applications.

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Server-side Rendering (SSR) 

Apps with Server-side Rendering is another types of apps that can be developed using Angular.  It is best known for enhancing the performance of both web and mobile apps with client-side rendering. This ultimately offers assistance to load the pages speedily and provide a superior user experience on low-powered mobile devices. Other than that, Angular makes for a good choice from the SEO point of view and helps in crawling the web apps on a variety of search engines.

There are many other types of apps that can be developed using Angular. So, in a world where everything is powered by IT, we can you out in all your development needs. Mail us today at contact@www.qtsolv.com for a quick briefing.

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