UI/UX Design Methodology at Quarks

Vaibhav Srivastava
17 December 2019

It is a question of no argument that in today’s time UI/UX design methodology is more important than the technology sourcing the process behind it. Just think of all the successful online applications we use in our day to day lives. One way or the other they are helping us automate a process, earlier done manually. 

All of them are products worked out as a sum of application design, software engineering and entrepreneurship at its very best. Be it ordering food using Zomato, hailing a cab via Uber or chilling on a winter weekend on Netflix. In terms of user acceptance, accessibility and ease of use, all of them are miles apart from their competitors and surely the incorporated UI/UX design methodology is the key to their success. 

“There’s no catching up with companies which are more design-centric”- Don Norman

In the case of our organisation itself, the designer to developer ratio is of 8:1 compared to the industry standard of 20:1. Meaning for every 8 developers we have, one resource is contributing as per our UI/UX design methodology in making IT products successful. 

Now you have an idea, it may be something completely unique or something born out of identifying gaps from an existing system, your approach should be more Design Driven. WHY? 

  • Visibility to end-user
  • Viable retrospection 
  • Vocal in nature 

In a place where there are thousands of software companies in the country, how would you pick one that can match all your expectations? Someone who would understand what your business means to you and help you with tools and technologies to take it to the next level. 

With over 10 years of existence, a portfolio filled with Fortune 500 companies, Quarks is one of the most reputed digital development companies in Noida, born out of the desire and persistence towards excellence. We have helped enterprises and start-ups achieve their business targets and goals via swift technological implementations. 

UI/UX design is the first step in a software development cycle and here at Quarks, our UI/UX design methodology is crafter with uttermost care. 

In our post, we described our mindset, methodology and manner in which here at Quarks, we work.  

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

As mentioned above, your idea could be something unique or something based on the gaps of an existing process, market research provides you with a starting point to build on. In a time when the competition is increasing day by day, having strict UI/UX design methodology helps in accessing the existing competitions and devising up a winning strategy for your dream venture. How is their business doing; What makes their software top pick by users; and What different you as a company can do than your competitors to master the experience of your customers. It is then market research and competitive analysis becomes a crucial part of the UI/UX design methodology. 

If you’re going to live in the land of business, you need to speak the language of business.” – Steve Vassallo

Our proficient team of designers at Quarks go through an extensive “Understanding the requirement” phase. As per our UI/UX design methodology, we ask a set of industry and business-specific question to fully understand the nature, purpose and objective of the investment you’re about to make.  

Design for End-User

  • Who is going to have the maximum exposure to your application? – End-User.
  • Who is going to make your online product successful? – End-User. 
  • Who is going to be your biggest marketer?- End-User

Our UI/UX design methodology revolves around the acceptance, nature and understanding of the end-user. So, whenever we start working on a new project, our first step after market research is identifying what clicks with the end-user and most importantly, where the intelligence level lies. No matter how aesthetic the designs are, or how innovative the tech is, if there exists a resistance in the user activity flow, issues are bound to arise which would question the UI/UX design methodology incorporated by your software vendor. 

Our product designers consistently consider your business goals as well as user behaviour and their responding pattern while advising the best UI/UX design methodology for your product.  In fact, it is one of the top-most priorities for us because we understand that it is an intricate process involving a prediction about user preferences and then designing an interface that satisfies their preferences. Our aim is to come up with a seamless mixture of visual design and information architecture which has been deeply imprinted in our UI/UX design methodology. 


In all the services that are being provided by a vendor to its client, retrospection plays a significant role in bridging the gap between “What is expected?” and “What is provided?”. 

Here at Quarks, our UI/UX design methodology allows retrospection at multitudes of level starting from idea expansion to wireframes to prototyping. 

Nothing great was ever achieved in a single day. Persistence, hard work and continuous retrospection is what that is needed, day-in-day-out

Depending upon the stage we interject our set of UI/UX design methodology provides you with the best design strategy to make you product a KING. Success is always a collaborative effort. What makes our UI/UX design methodology different is the fact that all the team from design, business as well as development are involved to make sure that the product is ‘future proof’ and why not? 

“Those who prepare themselves for the futures are the ones who always stay one step ahead of the rest”

Retrospection is about finding out: 

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t work for us?
  • How to fix them?

Also, it is about planning the next steps for further development. Trying not to leave even a single stone unturned our product development team provides you with the best possible mixture of business, design and technology helping you create your dream product and elevate it to the next level of technological superiority. 

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