WhatsApp latest Feature is a Way to Take on Zoom and Skype

Vaibhav Srivastava
27 April 2020

There is no doubt in the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most acclaimed messaging platforms available today. The stats that it has more than 1.6 billion active users using the app in over 180 countries are more than enough to give a brief about its popularity. Not just the messaging, in fact, slowly and steadily WhatsApp has also become an easy-to-connect medium over voice and video calls. This is why WhatsApp latest feature is a way to take on Zoom and Skype and is all ready to roll out to take the game to another level. 

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Recently, WhatsApp latest feature allowed users to make group voice and video call with four or fewer participants. And the best part of this WhatsApp latest feature was, you don’t require to pick the participants, in fact, all the members in your small group will be added automatically. However, it is changing its game and will now allow to add a maximum of eight participants in the group video or audio calls. The move came at a time when the world is fighting a war against the coronavirus pandemic and most organisations all across the globe have asked to do work from home.

With the spread of coronavirus, most employees were forced to do work from home and making video calls were the last resort they all were left with. Zoom has recently gained overnight success in this time of crises. WhatsApp latest feature is a way to take on Zoom and Skype in this unsaid tech war. Currently, this WhatsApp latest feature will be available only on the latest Android Beta and iOS versions. 

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Earlier, group members were required to add each and every person manually for the voice and video call. But with the WhatsApp latest feature, people will now be able to add up to eight members with just a single click. This way, WhatsApp latest feature is a way to take on Zoom and Skype. Other than that, WhatsApp announced to impose restrictions on messages that are forwarded frequently. This limit will be activated if a user is found to forward the message more than five times.

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