Which are the Best Front-end Development Frameworks to Choose in 2020?

Vaibhav Srivastava
27 March 2020

The world of application development is wide and extensive. With so many different languages to choose from, it becomes difficult which one to choose for your development needs. While sometimes it is the clients who decide on which framework they want their application to be developed. Whereas in many cases, it is the development company which decides on which framework a client’s application will work the best. However, we leave this decision on you and the company you outsource. But, in this blog post from Quarks, we will tell you about which are the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020.

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What is a Front-end Development?

From text colours, font styles, graphs, images and tables to colours, buttons and navigation menus, everything which we see on a website through our eyes or experiences directly is part of front-end development. It is that part of the website which is mostly termed as “client side” of development. 

Here is the list of 3 the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020. Take a look.


React is one of the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020. It was originally created and developed by Facebook. The team at Facebook was in a quest to enhance their performance by developing an effective UI. It was the idea of Jordan Walke, who was a software engineer at Facebook in 2011 to create a library which is based on the combination of both JavaScript and XHP. React was first used on Facebook’s News Feed in the year 2011 and then on Instagram in 2012. It was in May 2013, when Facebook open-sourced it at JSConf US. Since then, React is one of the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020. 

Where is it Used?

Known to offer high-performance, so far React has been used extensively for the development of applications which need frequent upgrades and updates. React is used as a base for building mobile applications and user interfaces (UI) of single-page web apps.

Companies which use React?

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, companies like the New York Times, PayPal, Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox and many other apps use React.


When it comes to finding the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020, you can always rely on Angular. 

Developed in the year 2010, Angular or Angular v2 or Angular 2+ is an upgraded version of AngularJS which was developed by the same Google team who were responsible for the development of the original front-end framework. Unlike React, which is a two-way data binding, Angular is primarily a component-based framework. In September 2016, Angular was released as a totally new framework having new features and new logic with an aim to counter the challenges that most developers across the globe encounter frequently during application development. This makes Angular the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020.

Where is it Used?

Like React, Angular is also used for the development of both web-based as well as mobile-based applications. But it comes with an added advantage. In a place where React is used mainly to develop single-page web applications, developers can use Angular to create multi-page applications. 

Companies which use Angular?

Some of the biggest organisations, such as Forbes, Xbox, BMW, Microsoft Office Home are being developed on Angular as a programming language. This ultimately makes Angular one of the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020.

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No list of the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020 will be completed without adding Bootstrap into it. It is undoubtedly one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to front-end frameworks available today. Originally named as Twitter Blueprint, it was created by two developers Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter to support consistency while using internal tools. Like most of the effective front-end frameworks, Bootstrap includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS components. As it is updated regularly, hence it includes the best and latest features for developers.

Where is it Used?

Bootstrap is one of the best front-end development frameworks to choose in 2020 if you want to build responsive sites and responsive web design of all sizes and complexities.

Companies which use Bootstrap?

From LinkedIn, Twitter and Spotify to Snapchat, Udemy, Coursera and many others are using Bootstrap for their development needs. 

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