Why Angular is Talk of the Town in 2020?

Vaibhav Srivastava
16 March 2020

Released in 2010, Angular is one of the most popular javascript frameworks when it comes to the development of mobile, web, desktop or other IT applications. And why not, after all, it is unique, efficient, modern, reliable and extensively used for front-end developers. This language is written in TypeScript which implements core as well as optional functionalities as TypeScript libraries that developers can import in their apps. Angular is talk of the town in 2020 after the release of version 9 on February 6, 2020. 

Well, it is not the only reason owing to its popularity, in fact, there are many. So, give a read to this post to know why Angular is talk of the town in 2020.

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What’s New in Angular 9?

The biggest reason that Angular is talk of the town in 2020 is the release of its latest version, Angular 9. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

  • Up to 40% smaller Javascript bundle size
  • Better debugging
  • Faster when it comes to testing
  • Improved build errors
  • 10 times faster build process
  • All the errors and builds can be caught in the CLI console
  • Improved style binding and CSS class 
  • Better type checking
  • Improved auto-completion

Other than this, there are many other conveniences offered by it, which is why Angular is talk of the town in 2020.

Simple MVC Pattern

Angular is provided with the original Model View Controller (MVC) architectural setup. Due to this, both model and view are synchronised with each other. If someone makes changes in the model, the view will also change accordingly. It reduces the time for development to a great extent as developers don’t have to write additional codes for model synchronisation and continual view. This is why Angular is talk of the town in 2020.

Dependency Injection (DI) 

Another reason that Angular is talk of the town in 2020 is Dependency Injection (DI). At many occasions, the component or service may require other dependent services in order to finish a task. To fulfil these dependencies, the developers use Dependency Injection design patterns. The tasks in these designs are divided into various services. Instead of creating the dependent object by client service, Angular injector will create and inject them. 

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Angular is written by Google using TypeScript, which itself is a superset for JavaScript programming language. It complies all the rules of JavaScript and efficiently spot and remove common errors at the time of coding. This greatly helps in better tooling, writing cleaner and optimised codes and build a scalable application. 

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