Why Every Business Should Have a Mobile App?

Vaibhav Srivastava
10 February 2020

In the era of digital technologies, mobile applications have become a need of the hour. Thanks to the paradigm shift in the taste of users from living an ordinary life to the life of a technology enthusiast in the last past decade. Establishing an online presence is one of the key ingredients of a successful business. Even if someone is running a clothing store or sitting atop at the pinnacle with the industry leaders, every business should have a mobile app. With 3.5 billion smartphones users worldwide and more than 350 million users alone in India, mobile apps are considered as one of the most impactful tools intimate about the offers and services of your business to the target audience.

So, let’s take a look at this post from Quarks on why every business should have a mobile app?

Improves Visibility and Recognition

The power of data is inexplicable. Once you have gathered data through paid marketing, it is time now to use it to improve your visibility, brand image and recognition. While a website is one of the best ways to do this, a mobile app keeps you a step ahead to turn your prospective clients into a sales conversion. These days, people prefer using mobile phones in their free time rather than website, a mobile app acts as a communication bridge between the brand and customers. From sending push notifications to discounts and recently-added services, it can do a lot of wonders for you. This is why we always say that every business should have a mobile app.

Offers Direct Connection 

Communication barrier is one of the prime reasons due to which businesses lose customers. As an app provides a direct connection between a potential customer and your business, hence every business should have a mobile app. No customer wants to first search the URL and then search it over the internet just to find your website. The customers in the 21st century are impatient and like to access everything in just a click. A mobile application is handy and showcases all your products and services while they are in their comfort zone. 

Another reason that every business should have a mobile app is the fact that there is no intermediary in the process which helps in building an uninterrupted relationship with your customers.

Creates a Marketing Channel

One of the biggest reasons that every business should have a mobile app is it works proficiently as a marketing platform with your clients. Just think that why someone would tell you to invest your hard-earned money into something if it could not improve your profit margins. As said above, a mobile app help allows your business to pass all the important information to the customers. You can use this platform to inform them about new store locations, improvements made, new product releases, and the latest offers and discounts on your services. It is because of this fact that every business should have a mobile app. 

Take Competitive Advantage

As per a report, just 42% of small businesses have a mobile app. So, in a time when only a few enterprises are using it, you can get an edge from all of them by using something that is out of the box. So, this is one of the reasons that every business should have a mobile app. If you could unleash the full potential of your business app to generate revenues by using it as a sales and marketing tool, you can definitely secure your position for the years to come. 

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