Why Java is Popular as a Programming Language?

Vaibhav Srivastava
9 March 2021

Java is one of the most favourite programming languages in the world. We are not the only one who says it, in fact, millions of application developers all around the world have unarguably advocated in its favour. And why not, even after more than two decades, it is still there and much in use. Be it the groundbreaking updates in its version in the form of Generics, Autoboxing and Enum or using the lambda expressions for functional programming, Java has so far met all the expectations. So, here are a few reasons why Java is so popular as a programming language.

Easy to Understand

One of the biggest reasons that why Java is so popular as a programming language is the fact that it is object-oriented. Being an object-oriented coding language, it is much easier to make software design simpler so that one can break the execution process into smaller chunks that are easier to process. Another benefit which comes with Java is, the complex coding problems which most developers face while programming in C or C++ may not come when programming in Java. Apart from this, Java provides easier to understand the practical approach and comes with greater modularity. This is why Java is so popular as a programming language.

Easy to Reuse Common Code

How tedious it could be for anyone to write duplicates codes over and over again for the same set of functions. That is why Java comes with a feature that is known as Java objects which allows application developers to reuse common codes instead of writing the same coding lines again and again. The common features in the two objects inside a class are shared because of which the coders can put their entire focus on writing the different, unique and uncommon attributes. This code inheritance makes coding in Java fast, simple, productive and inexpensive.

Java Programming is Strong and Stable

Another reason that Java is popular as a programming language is the fact that Java can run both on mobile and computers devices. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Java dialect is adaptable universally. Apart from this, the language runs without a lag on numerous devices including Raspberry Pi. Developers can also incorporate Java on both large and small scale application development as coding in Java is not just strong but also stable. 

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