Why You Should Opt for Magento Website Development for Your eCommerce Business?

Vaibhav Srivastava
17 January 2020

In a time when we even prefer to order our groceries online rather than visiting a supermarket, our shopping pattern has changed manyfold (report). It is because of this verity that more and more sellers are switching their business online. So, when you too are in this league, have you ever thought of the technology you will use for the development of your website? Well, if you haven’t, you should opt for Magento website development for your eCommerce business. 

Though there are numerous content management system (CMS) available in the market, but there is no denying from the fact that Magento website development is the most popular of them all. When it comes to providing a framework that not only offers exceptional shopping experience but also helps in order appreciation, there is no other technology near to Magento website development.

So, here is a list of XX reasons why you should opt for Magento website development for your eCommerce business.

Designed Specifically for eCommerce Website



Like body is to soul, Magento website development is to eCommerce. It is nothing less than a match made in heaven. As Magento was developed specifically for eCommerce website development, they both together is a lethal combination that assures success. 

Magento website development covers most functions and aspects of a successful web store. It is one such CMS for that offer comprehensive features and design for your eCommerce solution.

Magento is Open Source

SEO FriendlyMagento is Open source

Magento is Open source

One of the most important reasons that you should opt for Magento website development for your eCommerce business is it is open source. This means that anyone who knows how to do Magento website development can use it without spending a penny to use it.

Anyone can easily install and use Magento Community Edition (CE). Other than this, Magento website development can even help you to accelerate the performance of your online store.

Highly Flexible

A Magento website development platform can process more than 80,000 orders per hour and cater up to 5 lakh products under one site. This ultimately means that it is versatile and can contract or expand with change in business dynamics. Apart from this, it prepares your eCommerce business for festive and holiday seasons when the number of conversion is at its peak.

Magento is SEO Friendly

Magento is SEO Friendly

Magento is SEO Friendly

Do you want to rank your eCommerce website and products on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)? Why not, after all, the success of your online business depends on how your products rank there. Using Magento website development platform, you can build SEO friendly URLs, tags, sitemaps, descriptions among many other things so that buyers can find your products without putting much efforts. 

Ease of Integration with Third-Party Apps

Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

Another best part about using Magento website development for your eCommerce business is you can integrate it with a large number of third-party apps, including transportation, database applications, payment gateways, shipping and order tracking. Other than this, the built-in tools, such as Google Checkout, Google Analytics and Google Base helps your business to keep a close watch on the sales performance.

Summing it up

Magento website development platform is one of the first picks for merchants as well as developers. While former love it as it provides an array of features and functionalities whereas the latter love Magento website development because they can modify it as per the client’s need.

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