Zoom has Become a Lifeline Amid Coronavirus Crises

Vaibhav Srivastava
6 April 2020

The entire world is crying due to the coronavirus pandemic. So far, the disease has taken more than 68000 lives all across the globe. The markets are closed, flights are landed and the companies are left with no other option but to give work from home to its employees. But, there is an IT company which is smiling from a distance. It’s Zoom. Yes, Zoom has become a lifeline amid coronavirus crises. But, before we move further, let’s talk about what exactly this app is and how it has become a blessing in disguise. 

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What is Zoom?

Zoom was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan, who is its current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well, is provides enterprise video communications, complemented by an easy and reliable cloud platform for both video as well as audio conferencing, chat, webinars and collaboration across desktops, mobile devices, room systems and telephones. One of the best things about Zoom is, users can record their online session, annotate and share screens with one another. 

How Zoom Came into Limelight?

With wreaking havoc of coronavirus all around the world, the nations were forced to shut schools, colleges, offices and markets to contain the spread of the virus. This was the time when Zoom rose to fame. The world was lockdown and employees were doing work from home and Zoom seems to be the best option in this hour of the need. With so many options and incredible features, Zoom has become a lifeline amid coronavirus crises. 

In 2020, the usage of this video conferencing platform rose to 67% as both companies and schools adopted its services for working remotely. During this time Zoom has become a lifeline amid coronavirus crises. After the pandemic got intensified, hundreds and thousands of educational institutions began using its service to provide online classes. The Zoom app was downloaded more than 343,000 times all over the world. In an interview, its CEO said that the number of people who are using Zoom every day increased from 10 million at the end of the year in 2019 to 200 million in March 2020. This way Zoom has become a lifeline amid coronavirus crises.

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Security Features in Zoom

The world has suddenly started working on Zoom. They have started learning it, playing with it and living on it. Hence, they don’t know much about its security features. So, in a time when Zoom has become a lifeline amid coronavirus crises, here are a few of them. Take a look!

  • People can arrange Zoom meetings that are password protected. If someone wants to join the meeting, they will have to use a password to access it. 
  • There is another feature called waiting for zoom, in which, if anyone wishes to join the meeting, you will have to give them permission to do it.
  • In one of the features, you can lock the room. This means, once all the attendees have joined the meeting, you can lock the room so that no one unattended can come in between the meeting.

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