Role of Technology in the fitness industry

Karthik Nath
19 June 2019

Unprecedented growth and advancement in the technological realm have an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Like various other aspects, Information technology has also extended its power to the fitness industry, impacting how fitness clubs deliver fitness services. Whether it’s the digital payment transactions, marketing of your fitness club or wearable fitness tracker, Information technology in the fitness industry has influenced all the corners of the fitness realm.

Unlike old ways, fitness industry nowadays is keeping up with the constant flow of new technology to meet the shifting needs of members or customers throughout their fitness journey.

Let’s find out the revolutionizing role of  technology in the fitness industry:

Customer Acquisition through social media

Usage of newspaper advertising, brochures, banners and letterbox drop was a norm to drive fitness club customers. While this method is still prevailing, Social media has added a new dimension to fitness marketing; which wasn’t possible with long-established marketing techniques.  

Through the medium of the Facebook page, Blog posts, Twitter tweets, Youtube videos and Instagram, you can get in contact with a  large number of people to grow your fitness business. This is one of the main ways of how technology is revolutionizing the fitness industry. Awareness is the key to bring massive change. And here technology and social media played an instrumental role in escalating fitness content thereby influencing fitness among people.

Method of Fitness instruction

Inclusion of live fitness tutorials and YouTube videos on your fitness websites increases the chance of getting more followers. Furthermore, Consistent updating of informative content on your website is an effective way to reach a greater number of the target audience and fitness enthusiasts. It is an efficacious way to get higher subscriptions, drive traffic to your website and increased video downloads.

Role of  Online Community

Social support and guidance go a long way to achieve a fitness goal. And to make it possible, technology in the fitness industry has played an instrumental role. Through mobile apps, people are just one click away to get connected to online fitness communities. With the presence of so many social media channels, online fitness community support has taken a whole new level. To add on, These communities can guide and direct fitness newbies with valuable and relevant information to achieve their fitness goals. They can easily share their progress by posting pictures and sharing fitness journey stories. This way they can stay motivated and enthusiastic for long while connecting and interacting with like-minded people. Online social media communities make it possible for gym owners to connect with other fitness professionals and build contacts with clients.

Fitness Apps

Owing to technological advancements, brand-customer interaction has become more easy and accessible through mobile applications. Fitness mobile apps have paved a way for fitness club owners to conveniently reach out to the target audience. Therefore, There are many apps that are specifically designed to keep members informed and updated towards their nutrition and exercise.

In just a few clicks, users can get access to best workout instructions by a qualified instructor to get you fit and motivated. Furthermore, these apps allow users to track their training, set fitness goals, view set class schedules and a lot more. For instance, apps like Myfitness pal allows you to track your calorie intake and monthly/weekly progress. To add on an app like Yoga studio, comes with integrated video series of tutorials, is a great application for both yoga starters and professionals.


Wearable health technology

Nowadays, Monitoring your daily activity levels, weight and heart rate is an easy task with handy gadgets and wearables like watches and wristbands for instance (FitBit, Flex, Samsung gear 2 ) accumulate data through motion sensors while monitoring the health of the wearer. Embedded with the tiny sensors, these wearable accumulates and note down many minute details about your body. It gives you an insight into your current state on your fitness journey.  

Above mentioned are some of the points to highlight how technology has revolutionized the fitness industry. However, with seamless potential to enhance the customer experience; technology in the fitness industry will continue to reshape and offer better-customized solutions for people’s active lifestyle.

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