Choosing the Best Digital Development Agency in 2020 for Your Venture

Vaibhav Srivastava
27 December 2019

Happy New Year from Quarks Technosoft. In this new year, our motto is to reach higher levels of customer satisfaction with strict adherence to globally accredited methodologies when it comes to digital development. These techniques and methodologies are divided across 9 principles which focuses on end-user, the set of technologies used, how future-proof the solution is and it’s coherence with the business goals. 

What is Digital Development? 

Creation of web accessed products or solutions as a sum of design, development and testing efforts which results in a mobile or web application being developed. 

The process begins with identifying Who you are? And What stage you’re at? 

You may be an entrepreneur who wants to get an MVP made or a CTO at a Fortune 500 organisation looking to revamp an existing solution. Be it creating something from scratch, porting from legacy to scalable technologies or revamping an existing solution, the approach and methodology remain the same just the starting point alters. 

Click here to read more about our UI/UX design methodologies at Quarks. 

Now that we know what digital development is, the steps involved and the stages where it might be needed, it’s time to talk about the gaps that incur during execution. 

GAP #1  Creating a dream team

In the movie ‘Jobs’ there is a scene where Steve Wozniak and Jobs are having a heated conversation about Jobs’s contribution to scale Apple Inc. While questioning Jobs’s capabilities, Wozniak asks “What is it that you do?”. Steve Jobs couldn’t code, he wasn’t an engineer nor was he a designer. Jobs used to play the orchestra. He was a master in running things, perceiving what the end-user wants and creating products with people who were best in their art. 

In the process of creating a digital application people from various backgrounds come together to work cohesively towards a common goal set by those leading the projects. Our project managers have previously created & managed micro-teams allowing them to implement projects as per global standards. 

For one of our successfully implemented project, we were outnumbered yet our perfect team came up with a solution which resulted in being awarded “The Best Online Jewellery Portal 2017”. 

GAP #2 Selecting the Right Set of Technologies

When it comes to finding the best digital development agency in Noida, the first question that pops in the mind is, which particular technology should be used for building your project. In a time when there is a lot of debate all around whether the technology behind a product makes any difference or not, this question becomes a topic of argument for everyone.

Does it really matter if you choose Java over C# as your language for programming or if you opt MS SQL over MySQL? This is why it is important to understand this situation from an end-users’ point of view. For a user, it’s not the technology but the final product that matters if it can solve their query or not. 

Our developers at Quarks have years of experience and expertise in developing products in multiple languages. They know it well that choosing the right set of technologies can be a turning point between creating just a vaporware and shipping a high-end product. Other than this, there are many other reasons that should be considered while picking the best digital development agency in Noida.

  • Time to code
  • Project age and maturity
  • Code maintenance
  • Security
  • Availability of technical support

GAP #3 Providing End-to-End Solution 

Why are you looking out for a development agency? Because you have a unique idea and you wish to get it developed into a product. So, while choosing the best digital development agency in Noida, you need to take an insight if that company can provide you with all the end-to-end solutions or not. 

Development of software is a challenging task that involves is a lot of task ranging from coining an initial idea and picking the right technology to understand user needs and the final product implementation. The selected best digital development agency should be the one that maintains high-quality standards and develop easy to maintain software. 

We, at Quarks, specialises in delivering end-to-end software products & solutions under one roof. Be it the development of a new idea into a final product or adding new functionality in your existing platform, our competent software development team can do it all for you. Our services include:

  • Infrastructure
  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Consulting

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