Why Using DevOps with Cloud Service is a Great Combination?

Vaibhav Srivastava
24 February 2020

The drastic technological advancement in the past two decades has taken the IT industry by storm by making digital transformation as need of the hour. With such a serious cut-throat competition and a rise in the number of growing startups, it has become critical for organisations to maintain agility. It is because of this important fact that most companies in the last gone years are either shifting or already shifted to cloud from on-premise infrastructure to come up with a scalable solution, optimized operational cost and improve efficiency for disaster recovery. 

Other than this, in the earlier days, development and operation process used to be handled separately. But, considering the faster time required to market the product, both the processes run simultaneously. It is where the term DevOps comes into the play.

Using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination. Companies who are using them together are delivering huge value as well as experiencing amazing results. So, read this post to know why using DevOps with Cloud Service is a great combination.

Faster Time to Market

Faster time to market is the key if you want to get an edge over your counterparts. And, using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination as it can help you in doing this. The collaboration of both cloud and DevOps is important if someone wants to continuous deploy the new software release into production. While the DevOps handles logic, the cloud takes the responsibility to manage the infrastructure. For example, Jenkins, which is a widely used CI tool can be used to trigger the build after passing through the version control system and run automated test cases.

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Automation Becomes Easy

Automation is one of the most critical advantages of DevOps. By using a variety of tools and methodologies, the engineers automate processes, communicate, optimize infrastructure, collaborate, etc. Automating the processes on the cloud server makes them free from errors and reduce its cost that ultimately results in reducing the time to market. Using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination as it consists of practices, such as delivery, testing, CI/CD to automate development and deployment. 

Upfront Capacity Planning 

Using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination in many ways. Just think if you have an eCommerce store which suddenly begins to get traffic which was a way beyond your planning and expectation. You have not prepared your website by doing any load test. This ultimately results in poor application performance and user experience. But, by using upfront capacity planning, you can automate the running test plans which cloud service providers’ offer. Also, there are many other services which can automate the process of scaling up and down of the resources as and when the demand strikes. The best example for this is AWS Lambda for Serverless architecture which makes using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is another factor that makes using DevOps with cloud service is a great combination. Many cloud service providers offer observability and monitoring services specially built for developers, IT managers, and DevOps engineers. Using these services you can get actionable and useful insights to optimize resource allocation, monitor applications and respond to performance changes. Apart from this, it offers a unified dashboard where you can keep a track on the overall health of the application. Some of its perfect examples are EC2 monitoring scripts and AWS CloudWatch.

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Planning to Integrate Cloud-DevOps Strategy?

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